Daniƫl Konings

I like to make things move!

Hello there! Welcome to my portfolio.

I am a programmer that graduated from the Creative Media & Game Technologies bachelor programme at Breda University in the Netherlands.

I specialize in animation programming, whereas I was originally mostly a graphics programmer. Feel free to take a look around!


Demo Reel


Weapons of choice

Languages Tools SDKs
C/C++ Unity Engine DirectX 11
C# Visual Studio (Code) OpenGL
JavaScript CMake WebGL
Lua Adobe Photoshop Qt
HLSL Git PlayStation 4
GLSL Perforce Google’s V8
CMake Microsoft Office duktape
CLion WinForms
Jenkins Noesis/WPF
Google Apps

Furthermore I’m capable of working in team environments using Scrum to deliver cross-platform, industry-standard products.

Another valuable asset that I posses — especially as a animation/graphics programmer — is some form of visual knowledge on the art-side of things. This helps me create proper visual presentations with nice colors, composition and feel programmatically.

During my time in the industry I’ve worked together tightly with artists to provide tools for them to make authoring art assets easier and more intuitive.